Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Why your food might be late...

There could be any number of reasons why your food is taking too long. There is a whole list of people who could have screwed up. Chances are, you will never hear the real reason, but here is a funny list of possibilities.

1. I forget to send the order to the kitchen. - Least likely possibility, but most often assumed as the problem.

2. I forgot about you. Hmmmm - probably not likely since I am depending on you to help me pay my mortgage this month.

3. The kitchen is behind due to weak cooks unable to keep up with the rush. - Very good possibility.

4. Another server stole your meal and delivered it to another table. Happens more than you would think. Especially when the kitchen is crashing.

5. One of the line cooks is on his cell phone. Not even kidding - I've seen it while waiting for an appetizer with a 24 minute ticket time!

6. The cooks messed up your order and are trying to fix it. (Ok, sometimes they messed it up because I sent it into the kitchen wrong, but not always!)

7. You ordered a well done Filet (no butterfly) on a Friday night. Yep, this one is going to take at least 30 minutes. So that means that your WHOLE table is going to have to wait with you.

8. You specifically ask me to hold your food until you are almost finished with your appetizer. OK - You put yourself in charge of this one.

9. The cooks dropped it. not usually a problem, but when it does happen, we have to start the whole thing over.

10. Only half the meal is ready. Do you really want me to bring out the food if your children's meals are not ready?

I'm sure there are more....

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cowboytf said...

I really did like your blog. I found it informative yet very humorous!!

A Cowboy's Wife