Friday, April 24, 2009

Can We Put the Yankees on the Big TV?


I love bartending.

Notes from the meeting....

They let me leave the meeting 30 minutes early, so I feel a little bad about trash talking, but seriously, was it really that important?

First, they fed us Tootsie Rolls (At 8AM?) Ok
THEN - they told us that the person who took the most candy at our table had to stand up in front of everyone and share something personal about their life. Thank goodness I can't eat candy until after that second cup of coffee is down.

Next was the Award Ceremony - which for the first time went to someone who is not a huge show about how much she helps. Someone who actually DESERVED the award. I was already impressed.

Following the Award Ceremony, we took a look at out Customer Service scores. Almost impressive - we're near the top of the company. (Hmmmm - manager's scores are a little low, though...)

Next - and this is my favorite part - we got to ROLE PLAY being servers. Please tell me we weren't expected to take this seriously, because I need far more coffee to pull this one off.

Finally, we - Oh - 9:30 - Time for me to sneak out the back door!

So I arrived back around 5PM for my bartending shift. What a riot! Half the staff was on doubles, the entire bartending staff had been at work since 7:30 AM. We were too tired to pretend that we were anything but a bunch of laughing idiots. We had a blast.

Thank goodness for regulars. I simply told them about my day, and to keep their expectations low. They loved it. So did my tip jar.... Maybe I need to be tired more often.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mandatory Meeting

Don't you love those???

One of the joys of working for a corporate company who thinks that the $2.63 an hour that they pay me entitiles them to impose on the rest of my life.

Oh Wait - that's right - they do provide me with the Opportunity to make more money.

Either way - there is a "mandatory" meeting tomorrow morning. 7:30- 10 AM.

Ok - so I show up a 7:30, leave early to go open my shop at 10, work at my shop until 3, then go BACK to this hole to bartend until 12:15.

And the best part - after paying for gas to drive back and forth, it will actually cost me to go to this meeting....

I'm irritated. Does it show?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I can post from work.....

Well that just added a whole new dimension to my blog. Usually I can sit and reflect before writing. I can find the words that show the emotions in a humourous light. I have time to cool down before writing something that would surely be no more than a rant.

Not now. Now I can share the honest truth behind being an overworked waitress.

New wait staff, pushy customers, angry cooks - beware...

April Fools

"There's a guy choking out front!"
Riiiiight. After 3 recent choking incidents there's another one on April Fools Day. OK.

Good thing I'm the only one that thinks that way. A customer was able to do the heimlich and several people called 911.

The guy was fine. Sat down to finish dinner after all was said and done. A stream of medics from the local PD and FD stopped by his table to check on him, but he left with a full belly and a happy smile...