Friday, March 21, 2008

No Pressure Here...

This quickly became one of my favorite tables. A couple, the man very cocky and full of himself, and the woman in charge of everything. Thank goodness she liked me.

The time came to order, and the woman had decided, but the man had spent the entire time on his cell phone, so he wasn't ready. I took the woman's order, and looked at the man.
"Oh, just give me a second! I'll find something."
There are over fifty items on our menu - you won't find it quick enough.
"That's ok - I'll come back."
"No! I'll find something - Just put the pressure on. Hmmm. Wild Bleu Salad, what does that have? Hmm.. Maybe a cheeseburger... Oh Steak..."
"Yeah - I'll give you a few minutes." And I left. It was the middle of a busy Friday night. I was in the weeds already. Don't do this.
When I came back back to ask if he had decided, he had the nerve to tell me that he had forgotten because I took so long. I swear his wife kicked him under the table.
I said nothing and returned to the computer to place his order.
I proceded to check on the wife throughout the meal. She was a doll. And the husband suddenly became very sweet and kind. Maybe he was afraid she'd kill him if he was rude again.

I love people.

Stillllll waitressing - - -

Yep, so I had a meltdown a while ago...
In addition to my crappy job and the stress of the holidays, I was being sued by a bunch of liars for almost $200,000, and I am fighting with the car dealership because my new car is a lemon. It was only a matter of time before I snapped....

So I took a little break. I gave away a bunch of my shifts. I worked a few extra hours at my other job - the one I actually like....

But now I'm back - and nothing has changed, except for my attitude.

I have found that keeping things bottled up inside is not a good idea! As servers, we take crap from people all the time - and if we want to keep getting paid that $2.63 an hour, we smile about it.

So I decided to stop doing that. And it feels liberating. If you want to be rude to me, you are just going to have to wait to do it, because I will walk away from your table at the first sign of disrespect, and I may not come back. If I like the people you are with, you might be able to get them to order you something.

I have plenty of stories to share....