Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Requirements for Dining Out

I firmly believe that before anyone is allowed to eat in a restaurant they should experience at least one day as an employee.

For most people, this would give a little insight as to why your food is taking slightly longer than you think it should. It may even help explain why I need to take care of tables other than your own. There are so many behind the scenes issues that can arise on a daily basis that customers are unaware of. Yet, each of these affects our service in a way that we can not always control.

It is pretty easy to spot a waitress as a customer. They are often easy going (unless you are a terrible waitress yourself). They are very understanding about extended ticket times from the kitchen and bar. And as long as you have been attentive and apologetic, they will often leave a larger than 20% tip. I know because I am one of those waitresses. And I have waited on many of them!

Could this be the premise for a new reality show???

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Anonymous said...

I got a $10 tip on a $6.50 check from a waitress customer. We tip the best when we get good service or even when we don't. I think i give better service than i receive. I have heard people say anyone can do this job. That may be true but not everyone can do it well.