Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We're All Facing "Difficult Economic Times"...

Um, Yeah - I noticed.

I tried to explain that to my mortgage company, but they didn't really seem to care.
Anyway - Last weekend, some of my regulars came in for a visit. Jokingly, I asked where they had been, and the wife - who was never really a friendly person to start with, looks right at me and states "Well, some of us have to cut back in these difficult economic times." As if I am the sole reason for their economic troubles.

In fact, people like them are the reason for MY economic troubles.

So we've been painfully slow lately. So we have to work harder to make the tips - with no guarantee that they'll even be there. No sweat. Just turn the nice on, come out of your shell, and start enjoying yourself on the job.

I have found that if I am willing to stay and close the restaurant, I am still able to make some money. People are simply looking for the best deals. No one is simply throwing money around any more. If you want that 20% tip - You'll now have to WORK FOR IT. And don't let it get you down if you only get 10%. Many people assume that we get paid an hourly wage, so if they don't tip well, it won't make that much of a difference. So let them leave and move on to the next table.

July?!? Has it really been that long???

Clearly, I've been too busy having fun...

Well, even though I may not be blogging like I used to, I'm still thinking in that "I NEED to tell this to someone" sort of mindframe. So, every time I see something that needs to be shared, I jot down a little note in my server book.

Ok - so it's been months - and I don't always have the neatest writing, and I am pretty sure there is some hot fudge on part of one of the pages... But here goes:

more servers=better attention to customers
Superstitions?? Red Shirt?? Discover Card?? Smiley Face??
Drinking on the Job
10 Surefire ways to get fired
There is no greener grass...

Hmmm... There's more, and I'll try to decipher them later...
In the meantime...