Sunday, September 30, 2007

There's SALT on my Martini!!

I love people - I really do.

I served a flavored martini last night that came complete with a Sugar Rimmer. Yumm!! It was one of my favorite drinks, too.

So I checked back on the lady to see how she was liking it. "This Martini has SALT on the rim!" Riiiiight~~

"Actually, only the sugar is dyed purple. We keep the salt white."

"Well, I can taste SALT"

And who argues with a customer? So, I explained the situation to the bartender. We all rolled our eyes, and a new martini was made.

I brought it over to the table and apologized again for the salt on her rim.

After a few more minutes, I returned to check on the new martini, and the new SUGAR on the rim.

"Oh, this is fantastic. That you so much for making me a new one and using the sugar instead."

The funny thing about people is that you can make them believe almost anything. We didn't change the sugar. Her new martini had the EXACT SAME sugar on it as the first one did. Since the salt is actually much larger and whiter than the purple sugar, we would have noticed it right away. We double checked the sugar before applying it to her new glass, and there was none.

Did She Forget About Us?

Nope, not at all. To say I've been busy is an understatement, but in the end, does the customer really care where the waitress actually went? All you know is that I dissapeared and you still need another Pepsi.

Well, I'm back with the Pepsi, and I have a little Jack to put in it as well.