Thursday, May 24, 2007

I Don't Cook the Food!!

A single lady was sat at a perfectly good table. She decided that she didn't want that seat, and without asking, moved herself into one of my tables. The door servers had planned to use my table for part of a party of 8, but now couldn't get the woman to move. So I was already irritated when I arrived at the table, because instead of the $25 tip I would probably have gotten, I was only going to get about $2. However, I pasted on that cheezy little smile and went to ask how she was doing.

She ordered, and I sent the order in to the kitchen. When her medium rare steak came out medium rare, she complained that it was undercooked. So I sent it back. When I came back with it about 5 minutes later, she started in on me. "I hope you didn't leave this steak on the grill that whole time! It is going to be so overcooked I won't even be able to eat it!" Already frustrated with the situation, my only response was "I'm sorry, I don't cook here, I just bring things out when the kitchen gives them to me." The steak turned out to be all right - and in the end, she left me $2.55. And the waitress who got my party of 8 got $32

Thank you so much.


Springs1 said...

"I'm sorry, I don't cook here, I just bring things out when the kitchen gives them to me."

I agree 100% with you about undercooked or overcooked steaks as long as you put in the order correctly into the computer, BUT with OBVIOUS mistakes such as missing things such as condiments, wrong side dishes, and wrong entrees, THOSE types of things should be noticed by my server if they bring out my food.

I understand you just bring what the cooks give you, but SOME things can be noticed by the server. This steak situation is NOT the your fault at ALL considering you put in the order correctly. That lady was rude to you by saying it would be overcooked, because you have no control over if the food is overcooked. You do have control over if I have my correct side dish, correct entree, and that things aren't missing from my plate as long as those things aren't covered up hiding them to where you'd have to touch my food to find out if it's correct or not. I just HATE your attitude about "I just bring things", NO, my server's job is to make sure OBVIOUS things are correct no matter if my server put in the order correctly or not.

Other things that I couldn't blame my server for if they put in the order correctly would be like pickles under a bun or a burrito filling that's wrong or undercooked chicken tenders or undercooked pork chops. My server CAN however notice if I don't have a side of ranch on my plate if they bring out the food or if I have a wrong entree or a wrong side dish.

Waitress4Life said...

I think you missed the point of the post -

There were no mentions of sides in this post because they were brought out correctly.

And I am sorry you hate my attitude. I'm not too thrilled with yours either. You have posted very long winded, unrelated comments on several of my posts.

Obviously, if you had taken the time to clearly read through some of the posts, you would have seen that many of them are not even related to the rants that you posted on the comment pages. And if you had any sense of humor at all, you would have realized that these are posts were not meant to be taken seriously.

This was a little post about a bad day. I was complaining about the very attitude that you have displayed here. The attitude that since I am a server, I must be at fault for something - and you are perfect.

I'm sorry that you seem to have had such bad experiences while dining out. But I can assure you, there are still millions of waitresses out there who do know what they are doing.

Have a great day.