Wednesday, May 2, 2007

We need more silverware!

There is an order to how I do things. Don't mess with the order. When I come to your table all nice and smiley, I want to get you drinks. DRINKS. Don't ask for silverware unless you intend to cut the lemon in your water. I know you need silverware and I will make sure that you all are fully equipped when your meal arrives.

Don't worry - I can handle it.


Heidi said...

I absolutely love your take on life in the restaurant biz! Wish we could still waitress together!!

Springs1 said...
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Springs1 said...

"Don't ask for silverware unless you intend to cut the lemon in your water. I know you need silverware and I will make sure that you all are fully equipped when your meal arrives."

Sorry, I DISAGREE 100%. My husband and I as well as we've seen OTHER customers even been delivered food WITHOUT UTENSILS. MOST servers DO NOT NOTICE and as customers have to end up reminding our servers. Look, I'd rather while I am THINKING ABOUT IT, tell you I don't have utensils. Also, I like a napkin at least, because if I order a margarita, sometimes it is filled to the top as well as I have salt, so sometimes it gets on my hands or it gets on the table a little so I like to have a napking to wipe the mess.

Also, my husband and I at times(especially if we had to wait a while for a table) decided what we wanted to order already, so we ended up ordering our food and drinks at the same time. Also, many of times, we have ordered our appetizers along with our drinks, so SOME appetizers CAN be eaten with a fork. My point is, I WILL tell my server I don't have any utensils the first time I notice it. I will NOT wait until my salad arrives to wait for my server to get utensils, because they didn't notice we didn't have any.

Waitress4Life said...

Again - JOKING!!!!!

Our tables are automatically set with 2 sets of silverware. When I see a party of 3 sit down, I grab extra silverware to bring over.

Occasionally I arrive at the table without having the chance to bring the extra utensils, so I go back and grab them when I bring drinks.

In the last month not ONE of my tables had to eat with their fingers.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to respond to the woman who doesn't like to wait for her silverware. At least give your waitress a chance to bring the silverware to you w/ ur drinks. Even if u order ur food and beverages immediately, drinks mus be brought to the table, and the food takes a bit to cook. Don't demand things before you have even been seated. It's quite rude. And as for ordering immediately, ensure that the lady seating u is in fact ur waitress, not the brand new 15 yr old hostess who cannot serve anything, or even knows what is on the menu, and not another waitress, cause that just creaes table stealing 'issues'.

hotMEslg said...


ever heard this dialogue?:

Server: "Hi Ladies! You must be here for a special occasion, looking so.."

Seat THREE: Sweet Tea.

Server: ..beautiful today! What's the..

Seat ONE: I Don't like sweet tea. You got Splenda? Sweet N Low tastes like shi*!. But if you aint got no splenda I'll take it sweet."

Server: "Umm, yes ma'am we Do have Splenda. Let me tell you about our Lunch Spec.."

Seat Four: "What beers you got on tap?"

Server: "Well, actually, we have 20 beers on tap! Would you like to hear our beer spec..?"

Seat ONE: "Girl, we on our lunchbreak, you can't have no beers! I'm ready to order. I want the soup and salad. No onions, 1000 island, extra bacon, and put my croutons on the side in case they stale; what's your soup today?"

Server: "Uh...(who do you answer?!) Listen here bitches, shut the fuck up and let me say the shit I have to say 'cause there's a manager right behind me listening to see if I am telling you the required elements, and I have a trainee on her first day. Let me say hello, take your drink order, I'll tell you all the specials you need to know. Listen to me, talk about other shit when I'm gone. Let ME Help YOU get in and out in 30 minutes. YOU are the ones who claim you never get good SERVICE!!!!

I'm just saying....imagine ME coming to YOUR job with NO KNOWLEDGE of what YOU do and imagine ME changing your routine.