Wednesday, May 2, 2007

How was Your Day?


What other job forces you to be cheerful to get paid?

This is an important point to remember when dining out. Waitresses are human. While most of us are usually in a good mood, we all have our off days. And when those days come, we could probably use a little compassion.

I know, I signed up for my job. I like the gamble of maybe getting paid every night, because usually it does pay off, and sometimes I even hit a jackpot night.

However, there are some days when I have been kept up all night by a screaming baby and I need to go home. But I have groceries to buy and bills to pay, so I arrive at your table with a silly little grin, and I take your order. And I hope I don't screw it up - so you'll pay me.


Harmony Sweetpea said...

My job is the same... Customer have to be cheerful. Although you can tell I hate my job because I offer little cheer these days. I'm frantically trying to get a new job ;-)

Leo said...

I think we should respect all waiters and waitress politely.
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Waitress4Life said...

Thank you!!

If you come in - please ask for me. :) Polite customers always get the best service, too!!