Sunday, June 10, 2007

You Realize this is a Joke, Right?!?

Well, there was some activity in the comment department today!! All kinds of new comments were added!

As I read through the comments, I realized that this person actually thought I was serious in many of my posts. Since people that know me - and most of the people who don't know me and have already commented - know that I have a joking personality, I assumed that the topics and conversations mentioned here would be taken with the same attitude I wrote them. Just letting off a little steam...

See, waitresses (and many others in the customer service industry) have to be very nice to very rude people. We have absolutely no ways to respond to defend ourselves when a customer decides to take their bad day out on us. We smile - we try our best to make things better - and in the end, we are left with a feeling of bitterness for not standing up for ourselves.

This blog is my own way of getting back at some of the customers who I have encountered over the years. Although I would never speak to customers with the attitude displayed in many of these posts, I THINK many of the thoughts that are posted here - as do many of the other servers I have met and worked with.

So, if there ever was a concern that there is an uncaring, "LAZY" waitress on the loose, you can rest assured. I am simply a very good waitress with a very dry sense of humor that is rarely seen by customers.

The purpose of this blog is to offer myself and others in the wait staff profession with a "customer-attitude" free space to express frustrations with the jobs that we work every day.

Everyone needs a place to vent - and this is mine.

So to all the others out there with a tough job and a sense of humor - ENJOY!!

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karoline said...

i for one am glad i finally realized you are link to your site has taken me to your last post in may and ever since i've been wondering where you were...

and i, having worked as a waitress for very many years, having worked in pubs and high end restaurants know without a doubt, how many really *eyerolling* people are out there, loose, with money and

now i have to ketch up