Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Difference A Dollar Makes

Last night I waited on a dad and his daughter. They were a very engaging table, and I found myself locked in conversation with them.

Their food was late coming out of the kitchen, but they seemed truly unruffeled. I apologized as much as I could without being obnoxious, and this was where the conversation started.

Once the meal came out, everything was fine. In fact, they were actually so full from the appetizer that they ended up wrapping most of the meal.

They had a $50 check. 20% of this would have been $10. The could have left $8, still an acceptable tip, or $10, a generous tip. Instead, they left me $11.

What a difference a dollar makes! I would certainly have been happy with $8 or $10, but $11! This meant that I had done a great job, and it brought a smile to my face. Not a bad way to boost a night that was starting to feel the stress of a kitchen on the verge of crashing...

Thank you very much for the extra dollar!! You made my night!

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heavenabove said...

Great thought! A simple dollar can mean a lot and make the whole shift a lot better. As a cook, I do not get tips (at my current job anyway)but waitstaff always order food at the end of their shifts. Rarely ever do they tip us or even say thanks. Once in a great while, someone will give us couple dollars for making their meal. It makes one feel so appreciated! Most of the time, I turn down the tip because the thought was great enough.