Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tonight we are Serving ...Jenny Craig?

Oh yeah - That's right! Tonight table 35 will be dining on Teriaki vegetables served over rice and prepared right in our very own MICROWAVE.


Apparently one of the other waitresses on my shift had a party of 4 women. All dining out for their once a week binge, all drinking wine faster than it could be delivered, and all taking advantage of the poor girl who had the misfortune to wait on them.

When the time came to order, 3 ordered meals, and the other handed the waitress a frozen Jenny Craig meal and asked her to heat it up and bring it out when the other meals were delivered to the table...

Are you kidding?!?

So what would you do? I thought about it, but the truth is, I probably would have done the very same thing that their polite, sweet waitress did. Take the meal and warm it up. She could have said "no" but without manager backing on this one, she certainly would have lost out on a tip.

No win situation... And since we are trying to get paid from every table... We tend to bend over backward to satisfy. "We can do anything" is a joke around my restaurant, because "the managers will make us do anything".

Love restaurant life.

Jenny Craig, anyone?


Upset Waitress said...
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Upset Waitress said...

Ok there are a few things you can do. Either or, you will turn out to be the bitch in this kind of situation.

1.) I'm so sorry Mam, it is against the law for you to bring food into a restaurant that isn't prepared by us.

2.) I will be happy to nuke your jenny Crag, however, we charge a "Cook your catch" fee. Why am I charging you? Because Mam, you are using my napkins, my salt and pepper, my ketchup, and my oxygen.

3.) I'm sorry mam, we don't have a microwave on the premises. We cook everything to order on a char-broiler, flat-top, in an oven, or with boiling water.


P.S. Deleted original thred because I mis-spelled "Bitch"

Waiting said...

Option #1 is the only acceptable answer. I would have just said "Sorry - it's a health code violation." Of course, my managers wouldn't even think to allow someone to do it either.

Anonymous said...

Some people! How about the ones who ask for water then put those crystal light packets in it. My boss hates that.