Monday, October 29, 2007

Snotty Tissues On the Table?!?!?


Leaving your snotty tissues on the table for me to pick up is gross!!
Leaving your child's snotty tissues on the table for me to pick up is just gross, too!!

I know this is the season for colds and germs and all that grossness, but I don't want to get sick from you!!!

Do you really want me serving your food to you when you come in next week if I have the cold you gave me tonight???


Tony said...

Add random gum and perhaps olive pits on the table to the list of gross things people have no problem leaving behind...

Upset Waitress said...

I had a freak ask me "Will you throw this away?". It was a stinking diaper. I handle food, not baby crap.

Waitress4Life said...

Last night, we had a customer with a nosebleed. He left bloody tissues on the seat!!!!!


If you really have to leave tissues or anything else that gross on your table, please put them in a bowl, cup, plate or SOMETHING!!


Waitress4Life said...

After years of going back and forth between waitressing jobs, I finally lost the passwords to this blog... But I haven't given up! Or lost my absolute desire to share the JOYS of the restaurant world!!
Join me on the blog I CAN access and will be updating (hopefully!!) far more frequently in the near future!!
It's great to be back... I really need to vent! Waitress4Life