Saturday, November 3, 2007

I'm not a Mind Reader!!


Although I have gotten to be pretty adept at reading people through their tone of voice and body language, there are just some things you have to come out and say.

We had some new cooks on in the kitchen tonight. Why they start new cooks on Fridays is beyond me, but so is the decision to put them there. Anyway, long story short, some of the dishes cam out a little different than usual. Nothing noticible to me, mind you, but different none the less.

So two different customers at two different tables tonight waited until their plates were cleaned and I was bringing the bill to tell me that they were dissapointed with their meals.

OK - YOU LICKED YOUR PLATE!! Management will not let me take anything that you actually ate off the bill!! Since I checked in with both tables several times, I was a little suprised to hear complaints at the end. One lady complained that there was too much butter in her seafood cassarole. (Which it clearly states on the menu is broiled in butter!) And the other man complained that his Prime Rib was too thin.

My response to both - "Ohhh, I am so sorry!!! Why didn't you tell me when there was something I could have done about it?"

What else could I say?

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Ali said...

I'm amazed when people don't get that - like when they walk in, say "I don't know what I want" and add, "What do you think I should have?"

Or, even better, the "surprise me" customers. Don't like tequila? Might help to mention it before I bring you a shot of Cabo Wabo.

I love your blog :)