Saturday, May 2, 2009


You know the night is off to a rough start whan the first three tables you wait on all have some sort of issue.

I'm working on the bar tonight, but I got to hear a wonderful story from one of the more animated waitresses.

Table number one ~ Read the wrong price when ordering and was upset by that extra $2 on the bill.

Table number two ~ "But the Medeteranean Chicken doesn't look like the picture..."

Table number three ~ Declined Credit Card. So what does he do??? Leave his kids at the table to run to the ATM. Ummm... ok, but there"s gonna be an extra charge for that...


Anonymous said...

Wow. Usually they'll leave their watch or their cell phone if they have to leave like that. Their kids...I think leaving kids increases the odds that they'll never come back!

The Hooters Girl

Pete said...

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♥ Caz said...

I've never had them leave kids before.

That is an odd tactic. I've had cell phones, whole handbags and wallets.

But I hate the ones who try to argue with you that they are sure it has money on it and that my machine has a problem with their card. Buddy, its says declined, I don't know what you did, but not my problem.

Waitress4Life said...

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