Tuesday, December 2, 2008

July?!? Has it really been that long???

Clearly, I've been too busy having fun...

Well, even though I may not be blogging like I used to, I'm still thinking in that "I NEED to tell this to someone" sort of mindframe. So, every time I see something that needs to be shared, I jot down a little note in my server book.

Ok - so it's been months - and I don't always have the neatest writing, and I am pretty sure there is some hot fudge on part of one of the pages... But here goes:

more servers=better attention to customers
Superstitions?? Red Shirt?? Discover Card?? Smiley Face??
Drinking on the Job
10 Surefire ways to get fired
There is no greener grass...

Hmmm... There's more, and I'll try to decipher them later...
In the meantime...

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