Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Total Meltdown....

yep, that was me Saturday night.

A couple weeks ago, I had a REALLY bad night.
Just in case you missed it...
And Saturday was starting out to be the same.
I was in Station 9, I got yelled at by Mr. Shitter, my regulars were late, and I held a table for them in the middle of a busy Saturday rush, and I was dealing with my own Holiday stress.

I went out to the break room to try to cool down. One of the bartenders was out there and he made the mistake of asking me what was wrong. It was like a cork was released. I had a total meltdown as I screamed what was wrong. What was wrong with the restaurant and the fact that we still have too many servers on even though business is back to normal, the customers who are jerks, the constantly crashing kitchen, the door servers who can't seem to find the back of the restaurant, the way the bathroom smells. You name it, I yelled it.

In my 17 years of waitressing, I have never had such an abusive outburst - AND IT FELT GOOD!! 17 years of being nice to people that secretly disgust me, and it finally came out.

Anyway - Once I was done screaming, I laughed a little, pulled myself back together, and went back out on the floor.


Tony said...

Good for you - a meltdown once in a while is good for your mental health! Have a good rest of your holiday!

heavenabove said...

You deserve to let it all out once in a while for sure. Good for you. Indeed, the holidays and the restaurant business together make for a hectic, unstable situation to begin with.

Kel said...


I'm so relieved that I'm not the only one that feels like flipping out. Every day I swear I hate people more and more. Hospitality probably isn't the right industry for me when some days I feel like scratching annoying people's eyeballs out. Hang in there and keep smiling, even if it is a fake one. Lol.

erika bennefield said...

Omg so today I had a meltdown I had the rudest man at my table who told the manager while I'm standing there that I was the worst waitress in the world and if he were manager he would have me fired!! And the reason?? Because he orders a waffle and that's what I brought the asshole and he responded with he ordered the French toast and so I respond ok let me go fix that well I come out with his French toast and he starts screaming at me and I tell him I'll get a manager and he screamed at me he didn't want me too, well waiters out there u know we have to get a manager when this shit happens and that's what I did my manager came out and listen and the man blamed me for his cold eggs over cooked eggs and his French toast all was the kitchens fault and he did not order French toast he ordered a waffle I write down exactly what you order!! Needless to say I got sent home for the rest of the day to be sad about how disrespected I was by that man and my manager I have worked here two years u would think a manager wouldn't take the customers side but my manager is very nice but addoment the customers always right anyway I went off and went home still not fired but pissed to no end I wish that man knew how bad that hurts my feelings and anyone else who this happens to